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Wolverine - Marvel - Wolverine and the X-Men HeroClix #201

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The 201 figure of Marvel's Wolverine and the X-Men set is Wolverine. This Common piece has the X-Men team ability, costs 113 points, is Indomitable and has 6 clicks of life. This SwitchClix figure can be attached to the X-Men: Blue Strike Force Team Base.

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Wolverine - Marvel - Wolverine and the X-Men HeroClix #201

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One of the best known of the X-Men, Wolverine is shown here sporting the colors he used while on the X-Men Blue Strike Force. His toughness and grit let him take a leadership role when needed and just unleash when it isn't. James "Logan" Howlett has also been associated with the Avengers, X-Force and was once known as Weapon X.

Additional Information

Manufacturer HeroClix by WizKids
Universe Marvel
HeroClix Set Wolverine and the X-Men
Point Cost 113
Team Symbols X-Men
Max. Life (in Clicks) 6
Rank Experienced
Rarity Common
HeroClix Dial
Power 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
Speed | 8 8 8 7 7 6 KO
Attack | 11 11 10 10 11 10 KO
Defense | 17 17 16 16 16 15 KO
Damage | 3 3 2 3 2 2 KO
Special Powers
  • Hard to Get Rid Of (Trait) Wolverine can use Regeneration and Toughness.
  • Snikt! Snikt! (Attack) Wolverine can use Blades / Claws / Fangs. If the result of his d6 is lower than his printed damage value, instead of dealing damage, he may make another close combat attack against the same character.
  • Healing Factor (Defense) At the beginning of your turn, Wolverine can use Regeneration as a free action.
  • T001 X-Men: Blue Strike Force (Team Base Power) This team character can use Regeneration.
Movement Powers Charge, Sidestep
Attack Powers Special Power
Defense Powers Combat Reflexes, Special Power
Damage Powers Battle Fury, Exploit Weakness
All Available Powers Battle Fury, Blades / Claws / Fangs, Charge, Combat Reflexes, Exploit Weakness, Regeneration, Sidestep, Toughness
Range (in Squares) 0 Sq
# of Targets 1 Target
Special Features Has Card, SwitchClix, Trait
Official Keywords Avengers, Brute, Weapon X, X-Force, X-Men
Year Released 2013
HM Sculpt Rating 7.0