HeroClix single figures with free shipping at $50

Sell your HeroClix collection and HeroClix duplicates

If you have HeroClix you would like to sell, there's a good chance we'd like to buy them!

HeroMinis is always looking to increase our stock of HeroClix figures, and if you or someone you know is looking to sell their HeroClix collection, their duplicate draw items or anything HeroClix related send them to us. Here are our basic rules:

  • The more information you give to us before you ship it, the more we pay
  • The more we have of an item, the less we pay:
    • We pay 40% of our future asking price* if we have 2 or fewer already of an item
    • We pay 30% if we have 3 to 5 of the item
    • We pay 20% if we have 6 to 15 of the item
    • If we have more than 15 of an item the offer may be as low as $.05 per piece
    • If you are sending in multiples of the same figure, the pricing above holds true: If you send in 8 pieces we sell for $1 and we are out of stock on them, we'll pay you 2 at $0.40, 3 at $0.30, and 3 at $0.20 for a total of $2.30.
    • Some high demand items will not decrease in the same way, we'll let you know any pieces like this if you tell us what you have in advance
  • If you do not provide us with a list of the figures you are selling, we'll pay you a flat rate of $0.05 each for pre-carded Rookie / Experienced / Veteran figures, $0.05 for Commons, $0.10 for Uncommons, $0.20 for Rares, and we'll price out Super-Rares, Limited Editions and pre-carded Unique figures as we receive them and pay by the system listed above
  • If you are interested in trade, the value of the pieces will be 20% higher
  • Missing cards (for sets that came with cards) and glued figures reduce the price we pay by 25% for each condition issue
  • We pay via PayPal
  • We do not pay shipping costs (to us, or back to you)
  • Non-HeroClix items have no value to us, so please do not send them to us
  • We are not responsible for items broken before we open your package, so pack it well or insure it
  • Contact us before sending anything to us (so we know it is coming, and who sent it)

One other note: If it is a pre-carded figure, we're probably not interested in purchasing it at this time. We have literally thousands of older HeroClix not on our site, until we get through those, we aren't interested in adding more pre-card figures.

* - Sometimes we are priced uncompetitively on items due to changes in market conditions, so when we bring in more stock, the selling price will change. We will pay you based on what we feel the new market price will be.  On newer sets this tends to mean you will be paid less than what is on our site for low to medium demand items. The trend is usually lower, but a few select items may actually raise in price. Again, we are always willing tell you what we will pay and you have the choice of accepting or declining our offer.