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So, you're wondering who owns what around these parts, well that's understandable. Here is our 50-cent tour of the ™, ® &  © of HeroClix and the comic book (major entertainment) companies.

  • HeroClix & WizKids: TM of WizKids/NECA, LLC. heroclix.com. All rights reserved.
  • DC, all related characters: TM & © 2011 DC Comics and its subsidiaries. Licensed to WizKids by DC Comics. www.dccomics.com. All rights reserved.
  • Marvel, all related characters: TM & © 2011 Marvel Characters, Inc. Licensed to WizKids by Marvel Characters, Inc. www.marvel.com. All rights reserved.
  • Capcom, Street Fighter and all related characters: TM & © 2011 Capcom U.S.A., Inc. 
  • Gears of War and all related characters: TM & © 2011 Epic Games, Inc.
  • Halo and all related characters: TM & © 2011 Microsoft Corporation.
  • HeroMinis, Max Mini & his pals are TM & © By The Ears Productions, LLC.

We, HeroMinis.com, take all the photos that you see on the site, and type all the text and generate our own representations of the dials for the HeroClix we have for sale. The photos may not be used for commercial ventures without our permission, and we'd appreciate a note if you want to use them in a non-commercial projects, as we might be able to give you smaller shots without our watermarks. If you are interested, use the Contact Us link and tell us what you are thinking.

We write our own character biographies. If you wish to use our biographies in non-commercial endeavors, you are welcome to do so, with credit to HeroMinis.com. We write much of the bio based on our own knowledge of the comic book characters, however will use sources such as our comic book collections, Wikipedia, ComicVine, HeroClix/WizKids, Marvel, DC and other resources, online and offline. We do not copy this information verbatim, and not all sources are used at all times and sometimes no sources are used at all. That said, if you see some inaccuracy that makes you froth at the mouth, please let us know by using that Contact Us link at the bottom of the page. If you feel we are violating your intellectual property, please let us know that, too.