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Soldier - DC - Man of Steel HeroClix #008

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Quick Overview

Soldier is the 008 piece in the HeroClix Man of Steel movie set. This Common piece costs 50 points, has a range of 5 and has 5 clicks of life. Soldier can use the Police team ability.

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Soldier - DC - Man of Steel HeroClix #008

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The U.S. Government is at a loss when aliens show themselves and they findout that one has been living on Earth for years in the Man of Steel movie. The Soldier of course is tasked with watching Superman when he turns himself in.

Additional Information

Manufacturer HeroClix by WizKids
Universe DC
HeroClix Set Man of Steel Movie
Point Cost 50
Team Symbols Police
Max. Life (in Clicks) 5
Rank Experienced
Rarity Common
HeroClix Dial
Power 1 2 3 4 5 6
Speed | 8 7 6 6 6 KO
Attack | 9 9 9 8 8 KO
Defense | 17 16 16 15 15 KO
Damage | 2 2 2 1 1 KO
Special Powers
  • Strength in Numbers (Movement) After Soldier resolves a move action and is adjacent to a friendly character named Soldier, he may be given a close or ranged combat action as a free action.
Movement Powers Special Power
Attack Powers Energy Explosion, Penetrating / Psychic Blast
Defense Powers Combat Reflexes, Toughness
Damage Powers Close Combat Expert
All Available Powers Close Combat Expert, Combat Reflexes, Energy Explosion, Penetrating / Psychic Blast, Toughness
Range (in Squares) 5 Sq
# of Targets 1 Target
Special Features Has Card
Official Keywords Soldier
Year Released 2012
HM Sculpt Rating 6.0