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HeroClix Object - Soul Gem S101

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Quick Overview

The Soul Gem is a 3D object that provides those who can pick it up the power to use Steal Energy. In addition, when that character KOs another character they are healed of 2 damage.

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HeroClix Object - Soul Gem S101

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This 10 point 3D object is a depiction of the Soul Gem, an artifact that was used by the In-Betweener and one of the Infinity Gems which power the Infinity Gauntlet.

Additional Information

Manufacturer HeroClix by WizKids
Universe Marvel
HeroClix Set Infinity Gauntlet
Point Cost 10
Max. Life (in Clicks) No
Rank 3D Object
HeroClix Dial No
Special Powers

Character can use Steal Energy. When character KO's an opposing character, heal character of 2 damage.

Relic 5-6 (Once placed on the map, this object can't be destroyed, picked up, moved or placed. Once per game per character, the character occupying the same square as this object may be given a power action and roll a d6 that can't be rerolled. On a roll of 5 - 6, place this object on that character's character card, and character can use the effects listed on this card, if they can't already. When that character is defeated, place this card in the square they last occupied. At the end of the game, if an opponent's character has this object on their card or all of your characters have been defeated, your opponent scores this object.)

Movement Powers No
Attack Powers Steal Energy
Defense Powers No
Damage Powers No
All Available Powers N/A
Special Features Has Card
Range (in Squares) No
# of Targets No
Year Released 2012

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