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Other Sources for Great HeroClix Information

While we try to provide as much information to our customers as is possible, we also want to point you to other great HeroClix sites.

Full Set Lists

  • We have compiled full set lists from Web of Spider-Man through Captain America


Official WizKids / NECA Pages


Some Great Blogs and Forums

  • HCRealms - Great forums, news and tools for managing trade lists and collections for registered users. Matt's username is Hewgriff and Shawn is s1mcgrath
  • HeroClix World - Great news and rules/information site for the game.
  • OmahaClix - OmahaClix is the HeroClix players group for the greater Omaha, Nebraska area. They run many local and regional events.


Rules, Print & Play and More

  • HeroClix.com Downloads Section
    • • Click the + by Core Rules to see the rules files, the 2011 Heroclix Rulebook and 2011 Powers And Abilities Card are there.
    • • Look for the Print & Play section for Character Cards, Objects, Conditions, Feats, Tokens and Alternate Team Abilities. They are all there in PDF format with printing instructions.
    • • Rules for various Colossal figures and event dials are also included under the Miscellaneous header at the bottom of the page.


Smartphone Apps

  • Toy Collector for IOS Devices - A free iPhone / iPad app which lets you keep track of your wants and haves across all of your collections, including HeroClix. We have begun providing HeroClix images to the developer.
  • HeroClix Rules for Android - A great quick reference to look up powers, team abilities and random rules.