HeroClix single figures with free shipping at $50

Max Mini busting out the  Hero Points for everyone!

Many of you seem to enjoy spending your time and hard earned money with us, so we figured let's reward you for your time and your continued loyality. The system is set up to give you Hero Points The Hero Points icon which are redeemed for product at 100 Hero Points per dollar.


What you do What you get
Spend A Dollar or More (after discounts)
Get 1 The Hero Points icon
Write a Product Review
Get 5 The Hero Points icon
Get a Friend (or Friends)  to Create an Account (use the My Invitations in your account)
Get 10 The Hero Points icon
One of Those Friends Makes Their First Purchase Get 50 The Hero Points icon
One of Those Friends Makes Their Second Purchase Get 50 The Hero Points icon


You have to set up an account in order to earn Hero Points. Your Hero Points don't have a set expiration date. Hero Points can be used to pay for products and shipping on the website but not sales tax. There may be items in the future which do not give Hero Points or that you cannot use Hero Points to purchase. Your points cannot be redeemed for cash, they may only be used to purchase products on our website. Reviews must meet our guidlines and be approved before the points appear in your account.

Beside all the above, you can also gift your Hero Points to a friend, and if your friend ignores your amazing gesture, the points come back to your account in a week.

One note: if you are paying with PayPal, proceed through our check out system and chose PayPal at the payment type step, otherwise the system cannot award Hero Points.