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Copperhead - DC - Batman Arkham Origins HeroClix #014

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Copperhead is piece number 014 in the DC Comics Batman Arkham Origins HeroClix set. This Uncommon piece costs 115 points, has improved movement, a trait and has 7 clicks of life. Copperhead has the Arkham Asylum, Assassin and Gotham City Underworld as keywords and can use the Calculator team ability.

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Copperhead - DC - Batman Arkham Origins HeroClix #014

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Copperhead is the snake like assassin hired to take out Batman by the Blackmask on Christmas Eve, and with her snake like agility and skills at Judo she may just be the one to take out the Dark Knight.

Additional Information

Manufacturer HeroClix by WizKids
Universe DC
HeroClix Set Batman Arkham Origins
Point Cost 115
Team Symbols Calculator
Max. Life (in Clicks) 7
Rank Rookie
Rarity Uncommon
HeroClix Dial
Power 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Speed | 9 9 8 8 8 8 8 KO
Attack | 10 10 10 10 9 9 9 KO
Defense | 17 17 16 16 16 16 16 KO
Damage | 3 2 3 3 2 2 2 KO
Special Powers
  • Serpentine Stalker (Improved Movement) Copperhead ignores other characters and hindering terrain while moving.
  • Hired Assassin (Trait) During your first turn, choose an opposing character. If Copperhead KO's that character, you score an additional 50 victory points.
  • Hallucinogenic Poisons (Attack) Copperhead can use Poison. Give Copperhead a power action and choose an adjacent opposing character; deal that character 1 penetrating damage and give it a Poison token if it doesn't already have one. Even if this power is lost, characters with a Poison token modify their attack and damage values by -1 and may be given a power action to remove that token.
Movement Powers Charge, Sidestep, Stealth
Attack Powers Poison, Special Power
Defense Powers Combat Reflexes, Super Senses
Damage Powers Exploit Weakness, Shape Change
All Available Powers Charge, Combat Reflexes, Exploit Weakness, Poison, Shape Change, Sidestep, Stealth, Super Senses
Range (in Squares) 0 Sq
# of Targets 1 Target
Special Features Has Card, Improved Movement, Trait
Official Keywords Arkham Asylum, Assassin, Gotham City Underworld
Year Released 2012
HM Sculpt Rating 6.0