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Colossus - Marvel - Wolverine and the X-Men HeroClix #002

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The Number 002 figure of Marvel's Wolverine and the X-Men HeroClix set is Colossus. This common piece costs 100 points to play, is a Switchclix, is indomitable and has 7 clicks of life. Colossus can use the X-Men Team ability and has Acolytes, Armor, Defenders, Excalibur and X-Men as keywords.

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Colossus - Marvel - Wolverine and the X-Men HeroClix #002

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Piotr Rasputin was born in the Soviet Union where he lived with his mother in Siberia until his mutant powers manifested and he was recruited by Professor-X. He took the name Colossus and was a mainstay for the X-Men gold team until he took over the helm of Excalibur along with Nightcrawler and his love Shadowcat or Kitty Pryde.

Additional Information

Manufacturer HeroClix by WizKids
Universe Marvel
HeroClix Set Wolverine and the X-Men
Point Cost 100
Team Symbols X-Men
Max. Life (in Clicks) 7
Rank Experienced
Rarity Common
HeroClix Dial
Power 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Speed | 8 8 8 7 7 7 6 KO
Attack | 10 10 9 10 9 10 9 KO
Defense | 17 17 17 17 17 16 16 KO
Damage | 4 3 3 3 3 3 2 KO
Special Powers
  • X-Men Gold Strike Force (Team Base T002) This team character can use Improved Movement to destroy hindering terrain.
Movement Powers Charge
Attack Powers Super Strength
Defense Powers Invincible, Invulnerability, Toughness
Damage Powers Close Combat Expert, Empower
All Available Powers Charge, Close Combat Expert, Empower, Invincible, Invulnerablility, Super Strength, Toughness
Range (in Squares) 0 Sq
# of Targets 1 Target
Special Features Has Card, Indomitable, SwitchClix
Official Keywords Acolytes, Armor, Defenders, Excalibur, X-Men
Year Released 2013
HM Sculpt Rating 8.0