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Batman and Green Arrow - DC - Brave And Bold HeroClix #046

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Batman and Green Arrow are the 046 piece in the HeroClix Brave and the Bold set. This Super Rare Duo figure has Duo Attack, has a range of 10 with 2 targets, costs 204 points to play and has 9 clicks of life.

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Batman and Green Arrow - DC - Brave And Bold HeroClix #046

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The ordinary men of the Justice League who both have trained themselves to the peak of human perfection, both use high tech gadgets to defend the common man, and both have huge fortunes to back their endeavors. Despite all of these, or perhaps because of these similarities, these two have developed a friendly rivalry, and Green Arrow is the rare hero who will stand up to Batman directly when he believes him to be wrong. In the end they will always set their differences aside in the effort to save innocent lives.

Additional Information

Manufacturer HeroClix by WizKids
Universe DC
HeroClix Set Brave and the Bold
Point Cost 204
Team Symbols None
Max. Life (in Clicks) 9
Rank Experienced
Rarity Super Rare
HeroClix Dial
Power 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Speed | 8 7 6 7 8 7 7 8 6 KO
Attack | 12 11 10 9 10 9 10 10 9 KO
Defense | 18 17 16 17 16 17 18 16 15 KO
Damage | 3 2 3 2 3 2 3 2 2 KO
Special Powers
  • (Trait) Batman and Green Arrow get the Sharpshooter ability.
  • From the Dark Alleys (Movement) Batman and Green Arrow can use stealth, and ignore other characters stealth.
  • No Guns...Utility Belts and Trick Arrows (Dual Attack) Batman and Green Arrow can use Incapacitate. If that attack succeeds against any target, they can use Smoke Cloud as a free action for each success.
Movement Powers Running Shot, Special Power
Attack Powers Penetrating / Psychic Blast, Special Power
Defense Powers Combat Reflexes, Willpower
Damage Powers Outwit
All Available Powers N/A
Range (in Squares) 10 Sq
# of Targets 2 Targets
Special Features Double Base, Duo Attack, Has Card, Sharpshooter
Official Keywords Detective, Justice League of America
Year Released 2010
HM Sculpt Rating 10.0