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Wonder Woman - DC - Justice League New 52 HeroClix #003

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Wonder Woman is piece number 003 of the New 52 Justice League HeroClix set. This common piece costs 136 points to play, and has 8 clicks of life. Wonder Woman has the Justice League team ability.

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Wonder Woman - DC - Justice League New 52 HeroClix #003

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The daughter of Queen Hippolyta, Diana of Themyscira, thought she was made of the soil itself given life by the gods in answer to prayers by the Queen. In reality, she was herself a demigod, the daughter of Zeus and Queen Hippolyta. Since finding out this secret, Diana has banded together with other demigods to protect an as of yet unborn sibling. She has also spent time with her new team, the Justice League.

Additional Information

Manufacturer HeroClix by WizKids
Universe DC
HeroClix Set Justice League New 52
Point Cost 136
Team Symbols Justice League
Max. Life (in Clicks) 8
Rank Rookie
Rarity Common
HeroClix Dial
Power 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Speed | 9 9 8 8 8 8 8 7
Attack | 11 10 10 10 9 9 9 10
Defense | 18 17 17 16 16 16 17 18
Damage | 4 3 3 3 3 3 2 2
Special Powers
  • Lasso of Truth (Attack) Give Wonder Woman a power action. Wonder Woman may make a ranged combat attack that deals no damage as if she had a range value of 4. Give a hit character an action token and counter all speed and damage powers a hit character possesses until your next turn.
Movement Powers Charge, Flurry
Attack Powers Special Power, Super Strength
Defense Powers Combat Reflexes, Impervious, Invulnerability, Toughness
Damage Powers Close Combat Expert
All Available Powers No
Range (in Squares) 0 Sq
# of Targets 1 Target
Special Features Flier, Has Card, Indomitable
Official Keywords Amazon, Deity, Justice League, Warrior
Year Released 2012
HM Sculpt Rating 7.0